Members Fact Sheet

Our Aim – to protect and improve the clubs assets and facilitate the interests of all members regardless of which type of boating activity they are interested in.

  • Facilities:

Boat Moorings – for craft up to 9 metres overall.

Boat Haulage– for suitable craft maximum weight 4 tonnes and maximum length 30 ft. Annual fee required before boat can be launched or recovered.

Boat Storage– Winter / Summer storage in yard by agreement and payment of fees.NB: Positioning / Repositioning controlled by the club Bosun.

Mooring Positions are allocated by the club Moorings Officer on behalf of the Crouch Harbour Authority (CHA). The responsibility for the condition and or suitability of the tackle is the responsibility of the member.

You must consult the Bosun or his assistant to arrange haulage or storage. An appointed / insured tractor driver must operate the tractor. NB: No unauthorised tractor driving is allowed. Dates for haulage are posted on the club whiteboard in the cabin. A ramp Officer is appointed to control operations. We require members to assist each other in launch and recovery operations.

The club has a mooring just off the slipway, this is available for use by members or visitors for 24 hrs. Please put your name, boat name and date required on the whiteboard if you wish to use it.

Your craft must be insured. This is checked on joining and at key exchange in the spring.

You must have a CHA Plaque displayed on your boat whilst in the river. These can be purchased from the Moorings Officer.If you have paid storage for a Cruiser this includes storage for one tender to that Cruiser. The tender must be identified to the parent vessel, ie Tender to xxxxx Any additional craft will require permission and payment of a fee.

  • Yard:

The yard contains specific areas designated for boat storage (cruisers, motor boats, sailing dinghies and tenders) allocated by the Bosun, also car parking.

An electricity supply is available to the boat storage areas of the yard.

Nightime security lighting is provided.

Visitors are welcome but are required to be signed in by a member, the visitors book is kept in the upstairs lounge.

Tools are available for work in the yard and are kept in the club workshop. These must be returned immediately after use.

The club has the left hand garage. Ladders are stored in the garage, they must be locked up and not left available to thieves or vandals.

The club has a rib rescue boat for supporting dinghy club events.

A high pressure washer is available for use by members and must be locked away after use.

Members must lock the entry gate after entry or exiting.

Dogs must be kept on a lead and under control, they must not be taken into the lounge area.

The yard is kept in good condition by organised  work parties through the year. All members should help to keep costs down by attending and helping on these occasions. Grass cutting assistance is needed throughout the Spring / Summer months.

  •  Clubhouse:

The clubhouse is used  for social events which are notified under social events in the web site and in the almanac, which is issued to all members. The social notice board is also a source of up to date information, it can be found in the workshop.

The club also provides tea and coffee making facilities in the lounge area please keep it clean.

There is a no smoking policy applied to the club premises.

There is a VHF radio in the rescue boat and within the clubhouse: those using it must have the required operators licence.

There is a free lending library in the clubhouse and the club librarians are identified in the almanac.

The clubhouse must be securely locked at night, the slipway gate must be secured and padlocked each night.

  • Membership:

Membership will be identified by the use of a membership card issued when you join or renew your membership.

There are club regalia items such as polo shirts which can be purchased, details on the club web site and in the workshop.

Members are provided with an almanac and are kept informed of club activity by periodic newsletters.

We are a self help club and expect each member to assist where possible and join in the social activities where you will meet with and enjoy the company of other members.

The yard and premises are shared by the Yacht Club and Ski Club, both clubs elect members of their committees to attend joint WWA meetings. The WWA is a sub committee of eight who administer the joint wishes of both clubs and ensure that bills and responsibilities in respect to the jointly owned building and leased yard are discharged.

The SWFYC is run by a committee, the flag officers and committee members can be identified by photographs displayed in the entrance hall.